Don’t wait for a big holiday in a faraway land to experience something new. Fall in love with your city today.

In Lagos, Nigeria?

    ...Incredible spots close to home. Seek out new places, experience new activities, and learn more about your city.

    The home page is the easiest way to find places you love and discover something new

    Advanced Search allows you to discover places by activity, meal, cuisine or location.

    Articles highlight special activities, occassions and places worth visiting.

    Concierge provides you with a selection of places based on your activities


    Do more than just discover. Make a mini 'bucket list' of things you've always wanted to see and do in your area, create a plan and have fun,

    Collections allow you to create a bucket list of places that you love, or would like to visit.

    Create itineraries allow you to turn your longing for exploration into an achieveable plan.


    Friends make the good things better and the bad things not so bad. Out is even better with friends; create circles to share your collections and make plans with.

    Take your experience up a notch and find activities and places that your whole squad will love.

    Create itineraries allow you to turn your longing for exploration into an achieveable plan.

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    Tue, 16 July 2024

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    Check out the latest events happening around you
  • Get Notifications for Events

    Get Notifications for Events

    There's always something happening. Let's cut through the noise

  • View Upcoming Promotions and Events

    View Upcoming Promotions and Events

    Find out the latest things happening around you.

  • Search through food menus with ease


    Search through food menus with ease

    Don't waste time anymore looking at pictures of menus. Filter menus and search easily.

  • Plan Outings as Easy as you like


    Plan Outings as Easy as you like

    Stop wasting time trying to decide where to go on a night out, Concierge will tell you somewhere you will actually like.

  • Narrow down your options


    Narrow down your options

    Only get recommendations of places that match your criteria.

  • Make group events as simple as possible


    Make group events as simple as possible

    Get recommendations of places that match the interests of your group or date.

Facts & Questions

  • What devices does this run on?

    This app works on any Android running Android 10 or newer and any iPhone running iOS 11 or newer

  • How many cities do you support now?

    We're currently only in Lagos for the launch but we will be expanding outwards

  • How are price levels calculated?

    Prices are calculated based on the average cost of meals / activities. Any place that scores above the average gets designated as a 3 star price, average is designated as 2 star and below average is 1 star.

  • How do I sign in at a location?

    Check-in at locations happens automatically if you've enabled background location. A push notification will be sent to you prompting you to check-in. If your background location is turned off, simply open the app while at the location and the option to check in will pop up after a while.

  • What if I forgot to check in at a location

    From version 1.1.0+15, we offer users the opportunity to report a failed check-in through the feedback page. Simply choose the correct reason, provide the check-in time, and submit an image for proof and we'll review it and act accordingly.

  • I am having issues signing up. How do I sign up?

    Some of our social sign-in methods require a very secure browser for signing in. This is handled automatically on iOS but on Android this requires users to use Chrome or Firefox or Edge browsers.


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